FIU Nation Mesmerized by New Pokemon Go App.

The frenzy to catch Pokemon has certainly not left the hearts of Florida International Universities student body, as hundreds of adrenalized scholars were spotted this week trying to capture squirtle. The rampage of students lasted several hours as professors also joined in the action to hunt for these rare mythical creatures. Although the app is enthralling to many, FIU police warns students to avoid the dangers of playing such app for the following reasons. According to FIU Police department, many students could be lured to remote dangerous areas where their lives could face imminent danger. Also many FIU students were seen stopping their cars in the middle of the road, to catch the valuable praised pokemon "Charizard". On a positive note the app has been linked to improving one's over all physical health and also linked to help young individuals fight depression. With that said we encourage Pokemon Go fanatics to have a blast playing this app, but to also remember that they have a real life out there and a dog to feed.

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