Dr. Miami Brittany Benson Interviews with Miami News Today.

Miami News Today had the fortunate pleasure of interviewing Dr. Miami's very own Brittany Benson. Benson started her career at Dr. Miami a year and half ago, as she immensely made a name for herself in Miami's limelight. According to Ms.Benson and multiple established sources, Dr. Miami is soon to air a new television show in the city of Miami. When we asked Ms. Benson to share her life goals and aspirations with MiamiNewsToday, the young public icon responded as follows: " I see myself on television in 5 years in the entertainment industry either on the news a talk show or a reality show, also as a tv personality or actress". These goals are definitely in her realm as the lively spirited Naples, Florida raised local megastar, continues to enlighten everyone's day in South Florida, on @therealdrmiami notorious snapchats.

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